Purple Moon

Purple Moon placed second in the international Write On! Poetry Contest in the 12 and under category. Please follow this link:

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Purple Moon

The Moon’s purple rays were twinkling down onto the pond.

Dancing water lilies encrusted its grassy moist bank.

It had just rained, only moments ago

And drops of water dripped down from the edge

Of the curved, green leaves.

The water rippled as the frogs erratically sprung

Between the round, floating lily pods.

In the purple tinted water, the Moon’s reflection

Rested for the night.

A soft wind blew, pushing the lily pods under

A branch of an over-hanging fern.

Boing, boing, a bunny bounces to take a sip of

The cool, luscious shimmering water.

A startling giggle cuts through, and the bunny scampers away,

Too afraid to find out who the laugh belongs to.

And then with a few thumps, four human feet rested

By the side of the pond

Two were large and two were small.

The mom and her daughter looked up and watched how

The sheep dotted the nearby hills like dandelion seeds,

Up, and up, and up they went…

Grazing on the fresh grass as they roamed.

 The sheep must have thought it was the day,

Since usually they would be sleeping the night away.

Kept up tonight by the Moon oh so full and shining brighter than ever,

Over the memories, life and magic of the pond.

Milk and Cookies

Theme song for the Movie “Next to Love”

Lyrics are an original composition by E. K. Baer.  Music and vocals by Kelly Shanahan.

Milk and Cookies

Milk and Cookies

I would jump off a twenty-foot cliff,
Into a rushing, rippling river
If you held my hand and jumped with me.
It would be our daring endeavor

I think we may just be a perfect match,
Just Like Milk and Cookies.

If you came with me, right by my side
I would leave my small town and home land,
And travel across the wide oceans,
To live a life that we would make grand.

D’you think we are made for one another,
Just like Milk and Cookies?

I will give you my fragile, warm heart,
If you promise you will not break it.
You must protect it, and be gentle,
And show me your heart is the best fit.

We are wonderful and perfect as one,
Just like Milk and Cookies.

I will run through the streets of Paris,
In search of an alcove, to keep dry…
As water gushes from the fiery sky,
If you are there with me, my oh my.

We are truly meant for one another,
Just like Milk and Cookies.

Sitting in Cafe Nero


The scent of hot coffee fills the air in the streets of Glasgow. The door of Cafe Nero is swung wide open. “Should we go in?” My family and I exchange confident glances. Hand-in-hand we walk into the warm cafe, out of the eyes of the clouds who threatened to rain.

We ordered two hot chocolates and a cappuccino. We took a seat in three soft chairs by the window. Once our warm, marshmallow-covered treats were on the table, and we had documented the moment with photos, we dug into the delicious, creamy dream. We talked and laughed and enjoyed, sitting in Cafe Nero.