This is my piano, I call her La Vie En Rose…




I had prepared this song as a surprise Christmas gift for my grandparents. I had been preparing for a while. I was only able to play this thanks to my wonderful piano teacher Ms. Irina. She is an incredible pianist, teacher, and friend to me. Thank you, Ms. Irina!

It is a famous song from the most beloved Czech fairytale. I had prepared and recorded the piano part that we then played on their TV while I sang the song for my grandparents. I even had a costume that looked like it was from the movie! My grandparents were shocked! My grandma was so surprised she had hard time breathing when I started, and my grandpa was crying. My grandparents did not know where to look first – at me singing or at the tv where I played the piano! I think they liked it…. 🙂


2018 Piano Recital

Thank you, Ms. Irina, for preparing me so well for my special recital. You are such a wonderful teacher.



2017 Spring Piano Recital