Throwing Petals

Magnolia Close-Up

I have the most magnificent Magnolia tree in my front yard. A few weeks ago, it was in full bloom. The pink petals of my strong tree would sway all the way down to the ground.

It was late in the afternoon – the sun was dimly fading away. Mom and I walked out through our front door with Coco, who was sniffing everything! I bent down and picked up a handful of pretty pink petals, and threw them into the air. They landed where I had hoped they would – all over Mom. Suddenly, Mom bent down as well, and did the same thing as I did – she threw a handful of petals. We were smiling and laughing. I will always remember that day…

3 thoughts on “Throwing Petals

  1. Dad March 22, 2018 / 2:26 pm

    What a wonderful day and what a wonderful way to express your feelings. Both you and the tree are beautiful. Love you Dad

  2. PB March 26, 2018 / 10:35 am

    That was a very special moment for me as well. I will always cherish it! I love you, mom

  3. Gianna November 6, 2022 / 4:15 pm

    Awesome blog yyou have here

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