Adventures With My Grandparents

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Wow! I can’t believe that summer is over. I am still reliving the memories of being with my grandparents in the Czech Republic. I had so many wonderful adventures with them, including bike riding, roller-blading, mushroom picking, baking, and climbing up into my tree house:

My grandpa and I would go out into the woods on our bikes and when we reached an area with a certain set of characteristics we would stop and look for mushrooms. We brought a ginormous backpack with a bucket inside of it, and that is where we would put the mushrooms. We ran around the woods, sifting through mushroom after mushroom, looking especially for the squishy yellow ones – because they are soooo good! We would pick them all up, hop on our bikes and ride on to find a new location, and so on and so forth. Once we came back to the house, my grandma and I would start chopping the mushrooms up and then she would lay them outside in the sun to dry. We found so many mushrooms that they should last all winter long.

In the evenings, my grandparents and I would go out to the playground area across from their house. I would roller blade and my grandpa would ride his bike. One night we created a show that we later performed for my parents. My grandma was the ‘judge’, and my grandpa and I would ride around and do tricks. What a blast we had! We could not stop laughing.

While at home, my grandma and I would bake wonderful treats for the family. My grandma is a fantastic cook and baker and makes everything from scratch! We made kolache, fruit cakes, gingerbread cookies, and most importantly fruit dumplings. Oh, you never heard of these? Look them up! So yum! I love my grandma’s fruit dumplings, and therefore we made them almost every day.

I spent my birthday with my grandparents, and to celebrate, my grandma made me a big gingerbread cake, which was delicious! We decorated it together and then put it away until my birthday, as to avoid the temptation of eating it immediately! (because I would have)

We would often venture out to a nearby medieval city. There, we would just stroll around, stop at a vibrant cafe for a treat or we got soft-served ice cream. I developed a new taste for mixed soft served (vanilla and chocolate together). You might want to try it when you get a chance…

We also went to the city for my birthday dinner, and we ate at my favorite Greek restaurant. We go there every year – it is a real treat!

A couple of years ago, my grandpa built me a ‘tree house’ in their yard. I love to spend time up there playing games, eating treats, and hanging out with my grandparents. I have to climb a really tall ladder to get up there because it is quite high off the ground. It is my own special place. I always have the fondest of memories from that tree house and cannot wait to be perched up there again.

I had a such blast with my grandparents – they are the best! And I am so excited to see them soon!

4 thoughts on “Adventures With My Grandparents

  1. pfbaer October 9, 2018 / 11:47 pm

    What wonderful adventures you had this past summer! And yes, I agree that the mixed soft serve ice cream is just so delicious – as are kolaches and fruit dumplings and babi’s gingerbread!

  2. babi October 10, 2018 / 10:04 am

    Eliško,byly to moc krásné chvíle,které jsme s Tebou prožili,těšíme se na vánoce,určitě budou krasné,babi a děda

  3. Harvey A Baer October 10, 2018 / 2:43 pm

    That was a wonderful description of the time you spent with your grandparents. They live in such a magical area and you made me feel like i was there again. It is great to have grandparents that love you so.

  4. Joyce Levin February 10, 2019 / 10:49 am

    Dear Ella,

    Your journeys and experiences are amazing! The memories will forever be held in you heart! No doubt your Grandparents treasure the time they get to spend with you! I love mushrooms and can imagine how wonderful they were! I hope you are able to share many more wonderful adventures! Love to you! Aunt Joyce

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