Tower Of Talent 2019!

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After much time and effort, the Tower of Talent performance has finally flown by! It is an annual fundraiser for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and I have had the honor to be a part of it three years in a row, hopefully going on four! I sang “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin at the performance, and had recorded my own video/audio track. It was played on a mega screen behind me (I did not expect it to be so big… wow). I was so lucky to have had the support of my incredible piano teacher, Ms. Irina, without whom this project would not have been possible. I was also thrilled to have my dear friends Mme. Maryse, Amelie, and Odin there to cheer me on. Thank you to my family and friends, all of whom took the time to come see me perform!

Here is the recording – please let me know what you think!

The video is also on Youtube at this link:

Elisabeth Baer – Smile on Youtube

4 thoughts on “Tower Of Talent 2019!

  1. Joyce Levin October 30, 2019 / 10:08 pm

    This was breath taking! The choreography, your music and your voice were outstanding. This was truly a beautiful performance! Happy for you and all of your success!

  2. Babi a děda October 31, 2019 / 3:48 am

    Velká gratulace ,perfektní hudební provedení a brilantní pěvecký výkon . Eliško, jsi úžasná , děkujeme

  3. Dad October 31, 2019 / 10:04 am

    It was an incredible performance and I couldn’t be prouder of you. It was a big stage and a big audience and you handled yourself like a true pro

  4. PB October 31, 2019 / 4:25 pm

    Congratulations! You put so much time and effort into everything that went into this number – learning to play all the instruments portions of it, writing the two violin parts and preparing the vocals! It was months in making but so worth it. You were spectacular and you put a big smile on everyone’s face!

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